Code Corner

Thank you for taking the time to review the articles below. If you have any questions please contact the Wilton Manors Code Compliance Unit at 954-390-2151.

Dogs In Food Establishments
dogs in restaurants

The narrowing of Wilton Drive will create a better environment where restaurants and other businesses on The Drive can thrive. With this narrowing also come opportunities for restaurant establishments to be able to expand and have additional seating by creating outdoor cafes which their patrons can enjoy. The creation of these new or existing outdoor areas, also allow individuals with dogs to dine at their favorite spot. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has regulations which prohibit animals in restaurants, but several states, including Florida, have created an exemption where Cities such as ours, can allow dogs in food establishments, as long as a permit is obtained from the City, and it is done in an outdoor seating area. 

We would like to take this opportunity of narrowing The Drive to remind restaurants of our City Code which allow dogs in their business, as long as they have an outdoor seating area, and conform with City regulations to include obtaining a permit from the Community Development Services Department. 

Additional regulations for dogs in restaurants include: 

  • A sign or signs notifying the public that the designated outdoor area is available for use of patrons and patrons’ dogs shall be posted in a conspicuous manner.
  • Patrons shall keep their dogs on a leash at all times and shall keep their dogs under reasonable control.
  • Employees and patrons shall not allow any part of a dog to be on chairs, tables or furnishings. Dogs must remain on the floor and not permitted in the lap of patrons.
  • Employees must wash hands after touching any dog.
  • Waterless hand sanitizers must be provided at all tables in designated outdoor areas.
For the complete list of these regulations and requirements visit the City Code Section 050-090 which may be accessed at:

For any questions or to obtain permits for outdoor cafes as well as dogs in outdoor areas, please contact our Community Development Services Department at (954) 390-2180. In order to file any complaints for actions which are in contrast to these regulations, please contact our Code Compliance Unit at (954) 390-2151.

Residential Maintenance Standards

The Code Unit has been placing an increased focus on property maintenance issues within our residential zones. Some of the violations we are looking for are as follows:
Landscape Overgrowth – City landscape regulations state that landscaping should be maintained on a regular basis to present a neat and well-kept appearance at all times. Trees, bushes, shrubs, hedges, vegetable matter and/or other landscape matter shall not encroach onto sidewalks, walkways, pathways, roadways, and neighboring residences.
Deterioration of Buildings and Structures – Broken windows, fences, sheds, walls, and paint are prohibited.
Derelict/Unlicensed Vehicles – All vehicles, trailers, and boat trailers cannot have flat tires and must have a current license plate.
Accumulation of Hard Junk – Hard junk includes appliances or parts, furniture, metals, building materials, machinery or parts, and other similar items.
Parking on the Grass – All vehicles, trailers, and boat trailers stored within the front yard setback must park within an approved driveway or upon an approved hardened surface such as concrete, asphalt, brick, paver or decorative stone. 

The inspections are being performed by going through small designated areas within each Compliance Officer’s zone. Each Officer is inspecting a new area every couple of weeks. The Officers are educating our residents of any potential issues observed, in order to obtain compliance and maintain a standard that all of those who take part in our community can appreciate. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 954-390-2151. Thank you for being a part of why life’s just better here.

Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind

The Code Compliance Unit has begun placing an increased focus on property maintenance violations for residential properties. Throughout this process the Code Compliance Officers will be inspecting specific areas of the City at a time, and looking for violations at severely neglected properties. Contrary to popular belief however, we can only cite those violations which are in plain view, and are not allowed to walk into the rear yards of properties unless authorized by the property owner. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures, prevents us from inspecting areas where there is an expectation of privacy. With the help from our residents though, we may be able to also cite those violations in the rear of properties that can be seen from the yards of neighboring homes. 

The following violations are examples of some issues in rear yards, which can negatively impact neighboring residences and the quality of life in our Island City:
  • Pools that do not have safety barriers
  • Pools water that is  not clear due to lack of maintenance
  • Hard junk and litter
  • Overgrown grass
  • Stagnant or standing water
  • Deteriorated paint
  • Deteriorated fences
If from the rear of your property you are able to observe any of these or other potential issues, please contact us at 954-390-2151. Thank for being one of the reasons why life’s just better here.

Landscape Maintenance

Just as important as it is to keep properties free of litter and nicely painted, the maintenance to landscaping on properties enhances curb appeal, while at the same time preventing potential sanitary nuisances and safety hazards. The following City’s landscape maintenance standards helps ensure that grass, hedges, and trees are cut and properly trimmed: 

  • No weeds, grass, undergrowth or other vegetable material, except for trees, shrubs or other permitted landscaping materials, shall be permitted to grow upon properties and the adjoining portions of the public right-of-way, swales, alley, water's edge and canal banks in excess of eight (8) inches in height. Overgrown vegetation looks unsightly and can invite unwanted pests such as snakes and rodents. 
  • Trees, bushes, shrubs, hedges, vegetable matter and/or other landscaping matter shall not extend over or into the path of a sidewalk, walkway or other pathway at heights of less than eight (8) feet in single family residential zoning districts and ten (10) feet on properties abutting state or county roads, in order to maintain a safe and clear passageway for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. 
  • Landscaping shall also not extend over the roadway at heights of less than fifteen (15) feet in order to maintain a safe and clear passageway for vehicular, pedestrian, or bicycle traffic, and not obstruct the view of any traffic control devices such as traffic signs.
For additional information and to report any observed violations, please contact Wilton Manors Code Compliance at 954-390-2151. Thank you for helping us keep our City safe and looking great!


Vacation Rentals

If managed incorrectly, vacation rentals can often lead to violations which disturb the enjoyment of surrounding properties. The following are some requirements that vacation rentals need to abide by in order to minimize any negative impacts within our community:

  • They are required to obtain a Vacation Rental License from the City if the owner of the home does not live there.
  • A manager is required and must be able to respond to emergency situations within one (1) hour.
  • Vehicles cannot park on the grass, and no more than one (1) vehicle per bedroom is allowed.
  • Garbage receptacles must only be placed curbside during pick-up hours.
  • All vacation rentals are subject to all other City codes including our noise ordinance.
  • Complaints can be filed several different ways depending on the violation.
  • To file noise complaints during non-office hours (Monday through Saturday 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.) please call the police non-emergency number at 954-764-4357.
  • Please Contact Code Compliance at 954-390-2151 for all other violations.
It is always helpful to file neighborhood complaints to the rental agency such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO. Filing complaints with the agency helps them regulate the rentals to make sure they are abiding by their rules as well as the City’s codes. It is encouraged that all affected neighbors submit concerns with them as well. Concerns may be filed by using the following contact information:

Mosquito Prevention

Summer is here again, and with it the rain and increased breeding of mosquitoes. Broward County has stated that our County has faired well with local Zika Virus transmissions, when compared to our neighbors in the north and south. This means that we have to keep being diligent in order to continue achieving the same results.  Mosquitoes can affect the health, safety, and quality of life throughout our community and the best means to control them is to prevent breeding.
Mosquito eggs require water in order to hatch, so it is important to drain any water that has accumulated over a period of time.  There are varying species of mosquitoes, and not all of them are capable of transmitting the same diseases.  Different mosquitoes also prefer certain places to breed; the species that is capable of carrying the Zika Virus for example, prefers to breed in dark places, and are capable of breeding in very small areas. The key to prevent breeding is to remove and/or clean standing water from properties. The following are common places where water may accumulate and are attractive to mosquitoes:
  • Old tires 
  • Bottles and Cans 
  • Pots and Pans
  • Gutters
  • Garden equipment
  • Swimming Pools
  • Flowerpots and Saucers
  • Tarps 
  • Buckets
  • Children’s toys
Mosquito larvacide tablets and dunks are available at some local hardware stores as well as Clarke Natural Larvacide tablets are especially effective against Zika Virus mosquitoes, last up to sixty (60) days, and are also available on  Any concerns of standing water may be reported by contacting Code Compliance at 954-390-2151. For further information, including mosquito spray requests, Broward County Mosquito Control may be contacted at 954-765-4062.  


New Code Compliance Zone Configuration

In order to place full-time Officers in zones which require higher attention, and allow our part-time Officer to specialize in commercial properties and special projects, Code Compliance has reconfigured our zones and assignments. Officers Kim Holinko and David Cameron will primarily focus on residential properties within zones 1 and 2 respectively, and Officer Wolf is assigned to the enforcement of commercial properties, bulk waste, residential rentals, vacation rentals, and Business Tax Receipts throughout the 

A detailed printable map of the assigned areas, as well as contact information for our Code Officers may be found online at We look forward to hearing from you and continue to work together in keeping our Island City beautiful.


Zika Virus

The Zika virus, a mosquito-borne virus, has been confirmed in several travelers who recently visited Latin America. As of May 2016 there is one suspected case of imported Zika virus in Broward County. The Mosquito Control Section of the Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division is working in conjunction with the Florida Health Department to monitor the suspected case of the virus. The Zika virus is carried by the same species of mosquito that we have been targeting over the years.

The Zika virus is a flavivirus, part of the same family as yellow fever, West Nile, chikungunya and dengue. Symptoms of the virus include fever, rash, and joint pain. Zika virus is spread through the bite of the Aedes aegypti species mosquito. This species of mosquito is often found in areas with stagnant water such as of uncovered buckets, flower pots, unused swimming pools, and discarded tires. So as to curb the spread of the virus, we urge people to dump or drain any standing water that has collected in their property.

The best protection from mosquito-transmitted diseases is to avoid exposure to mosquitoes. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can protect yourself and your family from mosquito-transmitted diseases:
  • Keep doors and windows closed.
  • Stay indoors at dusk and dawn.
  • Dress in long-sleeved and light-colored clothing in a known mosquito-infested area.
  • Apply insect repellent containing DEET sparingly to clothing and skin.
  • Inspect your yards and drains. Store or dispose cans, old tires, buckets, unused plastic swimming pools or other debris that can collect and hold standing water which promotes breeding.
  • Flush plants weekly.
  • Repair leaky pipes.
  • Maintain and clean roof gutters.
Additional information on the Zika virus can be found by clicking on these links:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Florida Department of Health


Hurricane Season - An Important Reminder

As we all know Hurricane Season is June 1st to November 30th of each calendar year. We are asking for the community’s help toBe Prepared make sure that everyone is safe this year if a hurricane strikes our area. We have all seen first-hand, the devastation that Hurricanes can cause.

  • Make sure all construction sites are free and clear of any loose items
  • Any type of furniture, branches, storage of bulk items, trash/debris, garbage, litter, and basically anything that could potentially be a projectile object should be removed from your property immediately
  • Please remember this is for yours and your neighbor’s protection that we ask you to help us make this Hurricane Season a safe one

Driveways & Swales

Driveway and swaleA common violation throughout the City is the maintenance of driveways and swales, and it has led to a focus for the Code Compliance Unit. We have received many complaints from our residents, which inspections revealed to be valid. What these inspections revealed is that these areas which are used for parking, have become deteriorated over time, and have not been maintained in a timely manner. Though asphalt, concrete, and rock are the most commonly approved surfaces being used for parking, the City’s Code requires all properties to be kept in a neat and orderly appearance, and yet there are many paved driveways with cracks, potholes and faded striping. There are also many rock driveways and swales where neither can be clearly identified, as there is sand and grass where there was rock, or the grass has deteriorated completely. A common issue with rock parking areas is that they have merged with the rest of the property, and it is difficult to tell what was once an area designated for parking.

Since these quickly deteriorating parking areas are the result of the continued parking of vehicles, they require timely upkeep. This means maintenance that provides easily identified areas, as well as a neat appearance. An appropriately kept property should have very little to no vegetation on clearly outlined rock driveways and swales. Paved driveways should be smooth, without potholes and ruts, and the striping on multifamily properties should not be faded. These areas are next to our roads and make a big difference to the appearance of properties throughout the community. Therefore, it is important to keep the maintenance up. For the past year, we have been fielding inquiries and inspecting parking areas accordingly, and we will continue to do so, to keep beautifying our City.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information-Wilton Manors Code Compliance Unit.


Traveling Con Artists

Extra Asphalt Offer is a common scam of the traveling con artist. It works when a nice person knocks on your door andScam Artists tells you they are paving a driveway in the neighborhood and have extra asphalt. They will tell you that it’s your lucky day and that they will resurface your driveway for a fraction of the normal price. They are experts at putting you at ease and convincing you to agree. They are really professional criminals and know how to trick you into trusting them. Once you agree to their “deal” they will ask you for a cash down payment and say they will return with the truck to do the work. Sometimes they leave with your money and never return. Other times they return, but put down the asphalt without preparing the area and it is so thin it only lasts a couple of months. It will look good for until weeds come through or it starts to break up under the weight of a car or heat of the sun. Asphalt is expensive and a good driveway repair company calculates the amount they are going to need and rarely has leftover asphalt. They usually throw it away because they would never have enough to actually properly resurface another driveway. Never give cash or do business with a person going door to door. Unfortunately most are con artists in search of their next victim. If anyone comes to your door offering you a great deal on any repair work call the Police Department to check them out. If they are a legitimate business then the Officer will be able to determine that.

“My car broke down” is also a common scam of these con artists. How it works is a nice woman with a child or two willScam knock on your door and tell you her car broke down. The woman or children are trying to get inside your home. Often the woman will make small talk, ask to use the telephone, or ask for water for her children. Once she is able to occupy you the real experts, the children, know to dart into a bedroom and look for jewelry or cash. These small children have been trained the difference between costume jewelry and the real stuff. They know they have a few minutes to go room to room taking anything of value. Who would suspect a small child? If they are caught the woman will scold the children and go outside to punish them. You will probably never see them again. They rush to their car with all of your belongings they were able to take. NEVER BE TRICKED INTO LETTING ANYONE INTO YOUR HOME. Leave them outside and contact the Police who will be able to assist them. When people knock on your door or you see someone in your neighborhood that doesn’t belong call Wilton Manors Police Department.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information-Wilton Manors Code Compliance Unit.


Realtors - Conducting An "Open House" in Wilton Manors

On behalf of the City of Wilton Manors Code Compliance Unit we thank you for your valuable time to review this informationalOpen House material, which has been specifically designed for realtors conducting business in the “Island City.” We hope that you would agree that community engagement, education and reasonable enforcement of Municipal Ordinance, serves to enhance a community’s image and positively impact home values. As such, the following is intended to assist you in compliance with Municipal Ordinances while conducting an “open house” in the city of Wilton Manors.

“OPEN HOUSE…” Probably the single most effective and widely used advertisement tool for a realtor is the hallmark “OPEN HOUSE” yard sign. While we recognize the value of this sign while conducting an open house, we must also request that you abide by the framework of Municipal Ordinance as stated below. Our signage Ordinances defines this type of sign as a “Snipe” sign:
“A sign of any material when attached in any way to trees, telephone poles, utility poles, stakes, fences, benches, trash receptacles or other objects, where such sign may or may not apply to the premises upon which the sign is located, and including cardboard signs on sticks and similar signage materials.”

Sec. 145-070.-Prohibited signs: All signs not expressly permitted under this Article or exempt from regulation here-under in accordance with the previous section are prohibited. Such signs include, but are not limited to:
(H) Off-premise signs.

Sec. 145-080. - Signs in the public right-of-way. No signs shall be allowed in the public right-of-way, except for the following….”
Additionally, please ensure that signs are collected at the conclusion of your open house. Signs left behind on public right-of-ways will be disposed of by Code Compliance.

Miscellaneous Sign Regulations

*The following will provide you with general information relating to real estate signs.
Sec. 145.150(F): Real Estate signs may be freestanding, attached to a fence or freestanding wall, or attached to a building or window facing streets and waterways.
  1. Permit: Not required.
  2. Maximum number: One sign per street and waterway frontage and up to one open house sign per lot.
  3. Maximum height: Six (6) feet in the RS and RD Districts and ten (10) feet in all other districts.
  4. Maximum sign area for freestanding signs:
    a. RS, RD, RM, RO, and ROSC districts: Four (4) square feet with up to three (3) suspended strip signs of not more than one and one-quarter (1.25) square feet each; for open house signs, three (3) square feet.
    b. All other districts: Twenty-four (24) square feet
    d. Signs may be double-faced provided the information on both sides is identical.
  5. Maximum sign area for building and window signs: Three (3) square feet.
  6. Time period: Must be removed within seven (7) days of the sale or lease of the premises upon which the sign is located. Open house signs are only permitted while the owner or agent is on the premises.
  7. Signage copy: Copy is limited to the following, and to similar copy as determined by the Director:
a. "For Sale," For Lease," "For Rent," or a combination thereof;
b. The name of the Real Estate Broker or Realtor or the name of the owner or manager and/or "By Owner;"
c. A designation following such name as being either a Realtor, Broker, or owner in lettering not to exceed four (4) inches in height;
d. The telephone number(s) of said Realtor, Broker or Owner;
e. The words, "Appointment Only," "Waterfront," "Pool;" or other major amenity and
f. The size of the property and/or building and for all districts other than RS and RD, the zoning information and permitted use of the property may also be displayed.
We hope that this information is helpful and encourage you to visit our website for additional information at; Our greater hope is that you support our efforts through the adherence to these Ordinances to ensure the property standards for the City of Wilton Manors are a model for all of Broward County.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information-Wilton Manors Code Compliance Unit.


Canvassing - Solicitation

No SolicitingThe City of Wilton Manors has clearly defined Ordinance regulating door-to-door canvassing, which includes leaving door hangers or flyers relative to open houses or property sale. Solicitation and Canvassing is defined in Sec. 10-137 as:
Unless otherwise provided for herein, for the purposes of this article, the term "solicitor" or "canvasser" means any person who attempts to solicit orders for the sale of goods, wares or merchandise, whether the sale is consummated in the city or to be consummated when approved by some other person elsewhere, or who bargains to sell any goods, wares or merchandise for cash or otherwise, by sample or by any other manner, personal property of any nature whatsoever, or for services to be furnished or performed, for present or future delivery, traveling by foot, wagon, automobile, motor truck, or any type of conveyance, from place to place, from house to house, including any person collecting or soliciting contributions or donations, cash, services, signatures, or otherwise, including any person who aids, abets, or otherwise authorizes and instructs another, on their behalf, to solicit or canvass to any charitable, nonprofit, or other eleemosynary organization; provided that the provisions of this article should not be applicable to any person who enters the residence or business of any resident of the city at the express prior request or invitation of such resident.
Such activity requires licensing pursuant to:
Sec. 10-138. - License—Required.
It shall be unlawful for any solicitor or canvasser to engage in such business or collection within the corporate limits without first obtaining a license therefor in compliance with the provisions of this article.
*Licenses can be obtained through the City of Wilton Manors Community Development Services at 954.390.2180.

Once again thank you for taking the time to review this information-Wilton Manors Code Compliance Unit.

Pool Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

According to the Florida Department of Health statistics, 121 unintentional drowning deaths were reported in Broward County between 2011 and 2013; 24 of which were children aged 14 or younger. And did you know that for every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries. More than 50% of drowning victims treated in emergency rooms require hospitalization or transfer for further care. These nonfatal drowning injuries can cause severe brain damage that may result in long-term disabilities such as memory problems, learning disabilities, and permanent loss of basic functioning (e.g., permanent vegetative state).

As members of public safety, we often come in contact with public pool areas in the course of our daily activities. Therefore, in an effort to combat these preventable deaths, law enforcement and fire rescue personnel are being asked to take a moment when responding to routine calls at condos, hotels, and other public swimming pool areas, to look for visible signs of unsafe conditions, such as:

  1. Unsecured or broken drain gratebroken gate
  2. Clarity of pool water is such that the main drain grate is not visible from the pool deck
  3. Safety equipment missing or broken, i.e., life hook, life ring, etc.
  4. Ladders & handrails to enter or exit a pool are missing or broken
  5. Fences, gates, or latches to enter or exit a pool are missing or broken
  6. The underwater light is not securely fastened to the pool wall
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the aforementioned critical violations, which may cause a public pool to be CLOSED. If any of the above violations are observed, you should advise the manager or on-site supervisor of the violation and immediately report the violation to the Florida Department of Health in Broward via email at Your notifications should include the name and address of the public pool, the violation observed, the manager or on-site supervisor who was advised of the violation, and your contact name and phone number.

For additional information or example pictures of unsafe pool conditions please refer to the Florida Department of Health Pool Assessment Checklist page, which can also be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Pool Checklist
If any of the violations on the checklist are observed, please immediately contact the Florida Department of Health in Broward via email at: