Report Traffic Problems

Speed Sign

Traffic Concerns

If you notice a pattern of traffic violations in your neighborhood or during your normal commute, let us know by calling our Dispatch Center or Operations Commander at 954-390-2150. Similarly, if you are aware of habitually poor drivers or aggressive drivers, you can also let us know. The Police Department will contact these persons and advise them of anonymous complaints, perhaps helping to change behaviors and averting potential tragedy.

The Wilton Manors Police Department utilizes traffic radar units in marked patrol car to assist in our goal of reducing incidents of speeding and aggressive driving in our neighborhoods and main traffic corridors, and to reduce the number of traffic crashes within our jurisdiction. We also employ radar signs at various locations to educate and remind motorists of speed limits in some areas of the City, and to allow them the opportunity to assess their own driving habits. In addition, we utilize in-car video cameras that record audio and video of each traffic stop, for use in court, for training purposes, and for compliance with state mandated racial profiling statutes.